I love, love this couple. This is a couple you meet and immediately think, “what a cool pair!” You want to be friends with them, have them over for dinner. They draw so much strength from each other yet are their own strong person independently. Just a wonderful duo.

I have played soccer with Sylvana for several years. This girl is a beast on the field! When she shows up, you can hear a collective, “Whew, Sylvana is here!” She is the player on the field who you will see players from the other team latch onto throughout the game, and yet she can still get the ball through effortlessly. Jose has been a die-hard (and often solo) fan in the stands, many times. I share this because I think it is reflective of their relationship; each will let the other shine, while quietly offering their support. It’s really a beautiful thing.

Enjoy a few favorites, and congratulations to the beautiful bride and groom!!!

P.S. Just a side: you have to love vows that include: “The only ups and downs in the relationship should be between the sheets.”

Wedding took place at the gorgeous location, The 1909 in Topanga. Decor by Elna Cooke.

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