Date Shakes and Dusty Chairs

I love shoots where you just drive off into nowhere and find what you find. Such as date shakes for sale (we skipped on this) and dusty chairs in the middle of a field (we took the bait on these). My fantastic, talented, and gorgeous make-up artist was my model for this shoot, and we giggled non-stop as is usual when we do a shoot together.

The ruins are the Llano ruins near Palmdale.

Check out Rachel’s website here:

Enjoy a few selects!


Robert Galey - Sara,

These photographs are incredible! I’m NOT biased because Rachel is my daughter. You have a way of bringing out feelings with your photography! Only a very special few have this ability and it’s like ALL talent. Some people are just born with something “extra.” It’s that intangible that makes all the difference. Obviously, you and Rach make a great team. She was born with that “extra gift”, as well. But I’m sure you know that.
I knew she was special the moment we met. I’ve never been wrong! Her brother’s have it, too – as did her beautiful mother. These pictures remind me of her mom and how very much I miss her.

Thank you,

Robert Galey

Sara Cozolino - Thank you for that wonderful compliment! Such kind words and it is nice to hear that. I LOVE Rachel!! She feels like a sister to me and I haven’t known her that long. You did a beautiful job raising an incredible person.

I am happy you enjoy the photos and that they bring back good memories.

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