Tory + Chad

So thrilled to be part of this gorgeous wedding at Healdsburg Country Gardens in Sonoma, California! I have known this stunning couple for years. Tory and I met when we both worked at an exotic animal rescue together, and the handsome groom Chad is an actor who I’ve done headshots for in the past. They are such a fun, IN LOVE, down to earth couple, and their wedding day perfectly showcased their love for each other as well as the deep support and love they have from family and friends.

In lieu of party favors, the couple made donations in honor of their guests to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (in honor of Chad’s mother), and the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, where they have “adopted” an elephant named Jotto, who they hope to meet on their honeymoon to Africa.

Good people in love. What could be better?

Congratulations and best wishes to Tory and Chad! Thrilled to have been a part of your beautiful celebration, and honored to call you friends.

Enjoy a sneak peek-


Their wonderful vendors were:

Wedding Coordinator:  
Cristina Heald from Heald Wedding Consulting
Erica Grube from EV Floral
Hair Stylist:  
Kayla Patane from Brush The Salon
Makeup Artist:
Julia Rosenthal from Brush The Salon
Healdsburg Country Gardens
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I love, love this couple. This is a couple you meet and immediately think, “what a cool pair!” You want to be friends with them, have them over for dinner. They draw so much strength from each other yet are their own strong person independently. Just a wonderful duo.

I have played soccer with Sylvana for several years. This girl is a beast on the field! When she shows up, you can hear a collective, “Whew, Sylvana is here!” She is the player on the field who you will see players from the other team latch onto throughout the game, and yet she can still get the ball through effortlessly. Jose has been a die-hard (and often solo) fan in the stands, many times. I share this because I think it is reflective of their relationship; each will let the other shine, while quietly offering their support. It’s really a beautiful thing.

Enjoy a few favorites, and congratulations to the beautiful bride and groom!!!

P.S. Just a side: you have to love vows that include: “The only ups and downs in the relationship should be between the sheets.”

Wedding took place at the gorgeous location, The 1909 in Topanga. Decor by Elna Cooke.

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Here is a couple who likes to have fun, they seriously do not stop laughing. My cheeks literally hurt after meeting with them for an hour, let alone the day of the wedding. They joke, they play, and they are seriously in love and are not afraid to show it! They look at each other so deeply, you just know the world around them has disappeared.

They were married at the historical Castle Green in Pasadena, CA, in the Romanesque Room. So much love and laughter.

Best of wishes, Marilynn and Jeff!!!

Enjoy some favorites!






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“He Won’t Go Back In If He Gets His Feelings Hurt”

….that’s what their owner said. And they were right! These two goofballs had a riot of a night for this shoot, jumping right into large waves, running along the beach. They are clearly great buddies: they run in sync, they check in with each other in the water, they wait for each other. And sure enough, one extra-large wave came in and rode over the retriever and took him by surprise, forcing him to call it quits. He decided to run along shore and watch his buddy after that.

We were lucky enough to have gorgeous light accentuated by the Blood Moon. Photos were taken at the beaches near Trump National Golf Course.

Enjoy a few favorites!

Jo Anne Mc Roberts - Those are my son Chris’s dogs. You took a beautiful photo of him & Debra with Wally and Zoe. The dogs are so good. I loved reading about your experience with them. Thank you.

Sara Cozolino - Thank you so much!!! It was a lot of fun, great family!!!

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I took a few pics at my step-sister’s wedding at Hager Park in Jenison, MI. It was a beautiful day in a location that carries a lot of memories, for myself and many others. The day included a little bit of Geocaching in the woods and wrapped up with a trip out to Holland State Park to take a dip in the lake. Perfect day. There is a lot of love and strength shared between Rose and her new hubby, Tom. It was lovely to capture.

The pretty and delicate “shoes” for Rose and her bridal party were crocheted by her mother.

My sister was the Maid of Honor!

Congratulations to the wonderful couple, Rose and Tom!!!


Enjoy a few favorites!




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